It has been too long, everyone.  I keep thinking that I’ll sit down and write a few thoughts, but then with this and that and other random things, I simply don’t seem to find the time.  Which is  a shame, because I’ve been thinking about a lot of crap.

Annoyance #2 – In the last post, I bitched about a certain large telecommunications company and how I have been jerked around needlessly for months.  And Puppy Mama, if you want my mother to go on a obscenity-laden tirade, mention the local cable borg in her presence.  I guarantee you that she has plenty of material.  But we’ll call the evil corporations Annoyance #1.  Annoyance #2 is much smaller, but still annoying.

I have a French History class, which is all very well and good.  Last Friday, he said that he would not be able to hold class on Monday and Wednesday, which is also all very well and good (I got to sit down and eat lunch, as opposed to standing in a hallway, inhaling a sandwich).  Instead, we were to watch a movie between that Friday afternoon and class this Friday (at 12).  He explained that they had the copy of the movie in the language lab, and we could watch it there.  The language lab is not open during the weekend, but you can check it out Friday afternoon and bring it back that Monday.  I should mention, at this juncture, that there are roughly 25 students in the class.  Well, I have to work every day, and when I don’t have to work, I have class.  But I think, “hey, this is a well-known movie, I bet they have a copy of it at Well-Local Indie Video Place.”  And they do – a VHS and a DVD copy.  But I feel that I should reiterate that there are 25 people in my class.  So Well-Known Local Indie Video Place had both their copies checked out.  Then I tried Other Local Indie Video Place, which is in my neighborhood, but I was out of luck.  You see, the film in question is a well-known film (Le Retour de Martin Guerre), starring France’s version of Michael Caine, Gerard Depardieu.  It is 25 years old, and that makes it harder to find.  I called the Video Behemoth in my neighborhood – no dice.  Finally, I was able to check it out from the library at work (hooray for working for another college), and squeeze in the viewing required.  Because tomorrow is the quiz on the film.  The final kicker is that I watched it in a high school French class, but that was a loooooong time ago.  Thus endeth Annoyance #2.

I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do over the course of the semester.  I fear that I will never fit it all in, and that my grade point will flush itself down the toilet.  Then even Bob’s Bait Shop and School o’ Languages will reject my application, and I’ll be forced to translate for food.  At least I can write the sign in French, too.  (Je traduirais pour la nourriture.) 

A development:  there may (or may not be, I am unsure) “undercurrents” with a guy at one of my jobs.  We talk quite a bit, and that may be all there is to it, but again, I sense certain “undercurrents” (though I often suspect my detection equipment is permanently on the fritz).  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  On the one hand, it’s good to feel that certain type of charge that comes with getting to know someone you’re attracted to.  And yes, I am attracted to him.  But part of that attraction may be that he is just “passing through,” and everything feels really temporary.  And, my relationship with the Ex always felt pretty permanent, even in the early days.  Even now, though we don’t see each other, there really is a link that’s still there.  I’m not saying that it supersedes any other relationship (or proto-relationship)…I am definitely not ready for another “permanent” relationship, but would I even be satisfied with a temporary one?  Not to even scratch the surface of the (very real) possibility that I may be dead wrong – the electricity (to use a shop-worn cliche) is one-sided.  One could make a case for that being progress on its own, even more progress than my crush on M. LaPoste.  Time will tell.

Oh, and I am accent-less, as I still need to fully customize my laptop, including installing my accent capabilities.   Until them, I am diacritic-poor.