It has been awhile since I’ve attempted to draw a connection between some linguistic phenomenon to some quirk of the human existence.  So I may be rusty.

When you say a word, certain characteristics from each sound in the word are likely to bleed into other sounds in the word.  You might be still saying an “a,” but you have already started to say the “m” that follows, too.  So you actually have been saying “m” when you think you’re only saying “a”.  I mention this because in the last post, I had indicated that there was a guy (we’ll call him “GSS” for Grad School Sabbatical) at work that I could “be interested” in.  This must have been percolating in my subconscious for awhile, because it has become a full-fledged crush.  And much like the “m,” it has probably been around longer than I knew, because I doubt that it begain today.

But, like many things, once you know it’s there, it is impossible to ignore.

And I may not be the only person to have realized it.  In fact, the cat may be out of the bag.

There I was, kind of waiting for him, for a variety of reasons.  When he got to work, I may have sort of metaphorically pounced on him.  Another coworker had been sitting at my table, and had seen the conversation that GSS and I were having.  We I returned to the table, he (let’s call him “Mr. Math”) started to find excuses to refer to GSS.  And the reason?  Apparently, I blushed every time Mr. Math mentioned GSS.  I could feel it.

I feel I should explain to those who don’t know what I look like that I have little to no skin pigmentation.  Even the sad little excuse of a tan I had gotten in France has faded.  So when I blush, the whole world knows it.  And I blush like the dickens.

So, I don’t know if GSS realizes that I have a crush on him.  But Mr. Math sure does.