To clarify:  I sent GSS an e-mail yesterday afternoon, right after I wrote that lengthy post, quoting that great sage, Kenny Rogers.  Yeah, I talk tough, but despite my almost chronic pessimism, I will always give everything just “one more try.”  I wonder if someone, somewhere, has written a feature in an e-mail program that lets you “hold” e-mails after you send them.  Ah, I probably would have overridden it, anyway.  Of course, I instantly had sender’s remorse after I clicked the damn button.  I kicked myself a good deal.

I got home, and I checked my e-mail (of course).  Hey, he responded, and it was a friendly little note.  I may have squealed with delight.  Today, I replied to his reply.  I haven’t heard anything yet.

So, at this point, Kenny Rogersism is not a philosophy I need to espouse.  Yet.