I made it through my presentation, without too much personal discomfort.  I appeared to speak semi-coherently, to answer the professor’s questions (I assume fairly well), and people didn’t look like they were dying of boredom.  Plus, I went about 25 minutes (which was 20 minutes longer than I was sure I would go).  Now only two more of these damn things to do…

…Which leads me to wonder if I can hack being a TA.  I mean, 20 minutes is nothing, really.  I suppose being a TA is different, in that you start off with the first semester class (je suis, tu es….), which I would imagine gives you some practice at (eventually) leading a lecture; also, you can (try to) force your students to participate, so you don’t have to blather on for at least 50 minutes, watching your students’ eyes glaze over.  Food for thought.

I got my first exam grade back: A-, which I suppose I can live with – I was only one point away from a full-on A, and if I had chosen the other exam question, I think I would have done better.  But by the time I had realized that I would have written a better essay for the other one, it was too late – I had already committed too much time to the other one.  Ah well, life’s like that.  I am much more worried about the four, count ’em 4, exams I have in the next 10 days.  I’m not sure if I’m really getting the material for some of these classes (oddly enough, the ones in English are giving me the heebie jeebies).  Maybe it will be like Syntax of last semester, and I’ll just “get it” at some point soon, and I’ll struggle no more.  It was a little after mid-term time last semester when I had the Syntax breakthrough, so it is possible; I’m not flailing, I just don’t think I’m “getting it” as much as I should be.  I guess the midterms will tell me what I need to know.

I’m on the verge of making my pleas to several professors for recommendation letters.  For some of them, I feel it might be best to see how mid-terms pan out (it isn’t that I think that I’ll bomb any of them – but coming on the heels of an A, I think I may have shown enough evidence).  I was talking to a faculty member at work, and she told me that it was no big deal, professors are happy to do it; she understood however, that it was a little scary for the students.

After an absence from going out and about on the weekend, I plan to make an evening out this Saturday – our department is having one of our informal shindigs at a local bar – just the students, which should be nice.  Next weekend, I believe I will see the lovely and talented KS(-P) in her show.  The weekend after that?  My thirty-mmmhmmm birthday, though an ambiguous event, will be marked with revelry, the imbibing of spirits and at least one Halloween party.

Which will be welcome after the long row I have to hoe.