So my horrifying week of midterms begins tomorrow.  Am I studying?  Not so much.  Should I be studying?  Evidently, but with a near-biblical bout of cramps, chronic tiredness due to the physical labor I do on weekends, and the attention span of a tsetse fly, due to the impending return of GSS (yes, friends and neighbors, even though I’ve decided on a self-imposed moratorium on blogging about him, that doesn’t mean I’ve been nearly as successful at the moratorium on thinking about him) I lack a certain motivation, at least for buckling down and hitting the books.

Truth be told, my first exam, though in the super scary grad class, is not something you can study for.  You either know how to analyze a poem, or you do not.  Fortunately, I do have some skills – I just don’t know if I can compete with the big boys (and girls) when it comes to writing an essay exam in French (I can with a classful of undergraduates, but this is the grad class, mesdames et messieurs).  On verra, oui?

Speaking of writing in French, I finally got on the stick and wrote the carte postale I had bought two weeks ago to send to Mme W.  Let’s hope that it isn’t another 2 weeks before I send it out, non?

I also did a load of laundry, as fall has finally come to our little corner of the globe, and I needed some sweaters.  And socks.  But that has made me even more tired, and even less likely to study.

Last night (while I was definitely not studying, though I talked Linguistics, so it wasn’t completely unrelated), I went and had a beer with some people from the department.  We all packed it in fairly early, though not so early that I missed the spectacle of some drunken sorority sister puking in a garbage can downtown.  Well, at least she made it to a garbage can.

Enough dillydallying!  I must tackle this aggravating Finnish problem for Phonology.  Grrrrr…..