How I long for the days of Syntax, where it was only difficult – not demoralizing.

I’m serious – I read the textbook, and I think I get it.  The previous homework, I totally got it.  Then we worked on another problem, and it was like I was seeing something else entirely.  I literally developed a headache during lecture, I was so baffled.

And the week 9 epiphany seems less and less likely.  Maybe I should start riding the bus, reading my phonology textbook – to encourage phonology-related epiphanies.  I have often blogged about my frequent moments of clarity while riding public-transportation.  Or I could just get carsick – that has been known to happen, too.


I am currently waiting for a midterm, which is to be sent via e-mail.  Yet it refuses to show itself.  Which sucks, as I would like to do it now, when it seems that I am not especially busy at work.

Midterms suck.