We had a munity today.  I was pretty impressed.  In one of my French classes, we were supposed to have a midterm e-mailed to us last night, and we would e-mail the response back tonight.  But the midterm never arrived.  By the time we got to class, I was convinced that he was going to be shipped off to some nameless prison (he had flown to some conference), due to some technical glitch, and others thought his plane had gone down.  Luckily, he only had technical difficulties, according to the grad assistant he sent to show us the movie.  However, we were all of a mind that if we had given such a pathetic excuse, we would get a “tant pis,” and little to no leeway.  So, as a class, we drafted an e-mail, explaining that while we understood, we had rearranged our schedules for the midterm, and that changing the plan after the fact was not acceptable.

On the plus side, we saw an interesting film.  I’ve got to admire the franglais stylings of Melvin Van Peebles.  As a franglais speaker, I was duly impressed.