Today, I crept one step closer to middle-age (if I’m not there already), which is infinitely more depressing to me than old age.  Nevertheless, I had a pretty good birthday, even if Bad Influence and Puppy Mama had to take a pass on the Birthday Brunch, leaving KSP and I to go it alone.  I had some mimosas, KSP a couple of Bloody Marys, and, as always, a good ol’ time talking and laughing.  Appropriate to the occasion, we talked less about boys (as we have both been like giddy 14 year olds with our respective crushes) and more about careers and other grown-up stuff.  But it’s all good.  Added bonus:  we’ve started to hatch well-meaning but probably ultimately meddlesome schemes for the future.  A hint:  if you don’t show up to brunch, it probably involves you.

Older brother came over (his birthday was yesterday:  we are 6 years and one day apart) and we split some birthday pie (chocolate macadamia nut).  Some friends, a little family, and birthday wishes from school chums via Facebook.

And I have been taking inventory.  I’ve lived me some life so far, and although it has not always been what I hoped for (16 year old me would be very disappointed, but 16 year old me also made some very silly choices herself, so she shouldn’t be so high and mighty), it really has all gone into making me the person I am today.  And even if it’s me saying it, I’m a pretty interesting person.  But, I’m not one to rest on my laurels, so here’s a list of things I still want to do:

Get my PhD. (obviously)
Get married (but only if it’s right)
Have a child (again, depending on the circumstances, but if it happens….)
Spend a year in France (but that is related to getting the PhD, in theory)
Visit all the continents (well, maybe not Antarctica, but if I get the opportunity, why not?)
Write at least one book
Get a screenplay/play produced professionally
Have a photography show
Learn more languages (which ones?  who cares?)
Ride on the Orient Express (without the murder, preferably)
And whatever life throws at me, take advantage of it.

It’s actually a pretty short list, and although some of them require the indulgence of others, I can achieve a lot of this on my own.  I do wish I something a little more profound, but I had three mimosas today, and I can be forgiven for not being at my peak