Yesterday, I consulted the Grid to see if I could meet KSP for a drink.  KSP is riding high these days, and a drink and some conversation was in order.  Our regular place once again forgot that it is the size of a freight elevator and insisted on blasting music, making conversation impossible.  We batted around some ideas, but as it was the final Football Saturday, many options were simply not going to do.  On a lark, I suggested a place that I often pass, but have never gone in.  Mercifully, it was not too busy, and it turned out to be a great place for actually having a conversation.  This is a rare commodity in bars.  We squealed a bit about KSP’s good fortune, and I admitted to her my new dark secret.

I’ve started flirting with GSS again.

I know it is a bad idea, though he started it.  But quite frankly, even though the Grid is marvelous for organizing my life and time, it is not very interesting company.  I do have my friends, but they have a lot on their respective plates, and they simply cannot be on call 24/7 when I’m a little bored.  Plus, I am…squirrelly these days.  None of these things are an excuse, but there you have it.

I have posted that I feel that I finally have had my Phonology epiphany, though I’m not so sure.  I struggled through the homework for tomorrow, and I think I may have come up with explanations, and they might be pretty clever, but I’ve been burned on that before.

 Alas, the Grid indicates that I still have some reading to do, so I’d better go.  I wouldn’t want to disappoint the Grid.