Last night, I mused that I suspected my Phonology epiphany may have been illusory, as I toiled for several hours on the assignment, and still made what I considered to be “guesses”.  I was worried when we went over the assignment, but it turns out that I was on the right track after all.  It wasn’t perfect, but my crackpot guesses were actually based in some sort of knowledge (I was hoping they were, but you never know).  It made me think that I do know what I’m doing after all.  This is nothing but good news to me.

However, I had to add several things to the Grid, which is depressing to me, as the Grid is plenty full as it stands.  Nevertheless, if I don’t add things to the Grid, they won’t actually get done.   I suppose that it is just as well that GSS is ambivalent toward me, because I really can’t imagine fitting anymore activity into the Grid.  Of course, if I thought there was a shot in hell of getting laid, I’m sure I’d make time.

I did make a big show about how I only do things if they’ll help me in my ultimate goal (for this year) of getting into grad school.  I may have overplayed my hand, but I doubt that that matters.  Still, as I joked to KSP Saturday night, he’s either too much of a distraction, or not enough of one.

Speaking of distractions, this blog certainly counts as one.  I need to read a book of poetry, and choose a poem for my much-feared presentation in the grad class.  It is a task assigned by the Grid, and I think I’ve adequately established that I must not disrespect the Grid.