I have confessed that I have started flirting with GSS again, and today was no exception, though I was quite busy, making my flirting limited.  I did, as I passed him to get my stuff to go, lightly touch his back.  This is (along with the whole phone number thing) what I consider his incontrovertible evidence that I have a raging crush on him.  I do not touch anyone else at work.  I once swatted a coworker with an article I was reading, but that’s it.  So the possibility that he is just that clueless seems impossible.  But I digress.  As I was grabbing my stuff to go, he came over to me.  He had the handout from my historical linguistics class that I had loaned to him.  He had made a copy so he could look it over.  I apologized for my cryptic and useless notes scribbled on it.  After all, I never imagined that I would share it with a work crush.  Who would?  It was a brief (for us – 1o minute) conversation, but there is a part that I simply must share, as it shows me as being a tremendously nerdy flirter.

GSS: (discussing his paper)…so I went to [the big campus] library on Saturday to double check.

TSS:  Hey, I was at the library on Saturday, too!

GSS:  I was actually there on Friday, as well.  [Bibliography management program] would have been helpful, but I’m not not registered at [his grad school] this year, so I don’t have access, and I’m not willing to pay the [insanely overpriced] fee.

TSS:  I have an account – maybe you could piggyback on mine.

GSS:  Well, but then I’d need your log-in information, and log-in as you.

TSS:  I don’t know.  Maybe there’s a way it can be done.

GSS:  Don’t you use it?

TSS:  Oh, sure.  But you can set up different folders for different projects, so you wouldn’t have to wade through my crazy list of francophone creole literature.

GSS:  That might be entertaining.  I’m going to see if there’s a way I can sign up through the university.  But if you can have a dummy log-in, it might work.

That’s right, I tried to flirt using bibliography management software.  I am that much of a nerd.  As I was waiting for the bus, I asked myself if I had really done that.  And I had, and I was embarrassed for myself.

As I was riding the bus to class, it became a toss-up on whether I would bother going to class today.  The class had the potential to be my favorite, and now I was contemplating bagging it.  I have not missed a class at all this semester, and blowing off class is not something I do.  I’m not saying I’m never tempted, but I go nevertheless.

In fact, it wasn’t until 2:32, when I actually entered the class and sat down, that my presence in the class was guaranteed.  That’s right, two minutes late.  Of course, one of my many beefs with the class is that we often start late and go late.  In fact, I beat the professor there.  Honestly, I could have missed the class and not missed anything.  Heresy for a nerd of my nerdiness.