The day didn’t start out so bad, really.  I got to class, and we worked in groups (which isn’t so bad), but the activity was looking at spectrograms and figuring out what they might be (which I am not especially good at).  Nevertheless, it wasn’t too terrible, though our victorious semi-completion of the task will probably not stand when we go over it on Friday.  Then it was off to French history, where we discussed Descartes and Pascal.  The discussion itself would have gone better if we had been stoned (though that is not something I do anymore), as there was a lot of “how do we know we exist” crap.  In both 17th and 21st century French, yet.  After French, I went to see my former (and future) Syntax professor, to ask what was going to happen in next semester’s class.  I also planned to ask him for a recommendation, but I chickened out.  I shoveled in some lunch (or rather a snack in lieu of an actual lunch) and signed up for classes (my last undergraduate semester!).  Then it was Phonology time, which I still seem to be following without the “ow, my brain hurts” moments.

Then it was off to work.  It wasn’t so bad, but I’m disenchanted with the whole reflirting with GSS.  We were both busy, so I can’t truly be sure, but I think he is tired of me.  I can’t say that I blame him; I’m getting tired of me.  I’m also finding it not worth the effort to put that much care into my appearance.  I’m probably going to give it up, and just go for hygienic.  After all, I think it has been established that nothing is going to happen with GSS, and there isn’t anyone else on the horizon.  My classes are filled with punk kids, and I have no interest in cougar-dom.  I can use that extra half an hour for studying or something.

If that weren’t enough, my laptop (Lappy Jr.) was acting out.  It is better now, but I worry that Lappy Jr’s days are numbered, and I simply haven’t been able to sock away money for a new laptop.  I haven’t been frittering away the money, but I think there could be some belt-tightening.  However, I feel that I’m getting more and more demands on my time, my money and my energy from others.  I feel like I’m being pulled down by a panicky swimmer that I’m trying to save.  I feel resentful, and that makes me feel like a terrible person, which makes me feel worse.

Oh, and there were flurries as I was going home tonight.  So by the time I got home, I was in a crabby mood.  I need a pleasant surprise to perk up my mood.  Unfortunately, I doubt I can count on that.