I’ve spent the better part of the weekend battling Phonology, and I still have a bit more to tackle.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d dawdle some, as I have hit a wall.

I went to the library (again) after work today, as I find that I can usually get more done there than at home (that wasn’t the case today, but sometimes it works).  After giving up to go home to take some Excedrin and eat a snack, I saw the “Everyone Sucks But Me” guy on the corner.  I crossed the street.

TSS:  I’m sorry, but I saw you the other day, and I’ve gotta ask.  What gives?

TESBMG: Oh, I’m protesting those Evangelical Christians who’ve been on campus.

TSS:  Oh?

TESBMG:  I mean, I’m a Christian, but it seems like this (gesturing to placard) is what they’re saying.  I’m just making fun of that attitude.

TSS:  Ah.  But it’s just you, with a sign.


TSS:  Okay, thanks.

I was a little disappointed.  It was sort of clever, though a little too clever.  If people have to ask what you’re up to, maybe your message is a little muddled.  Certainly, there have been a lot of those Bible-thumpers on campus this fall, but there aren’t any right now.  And he was kind of removed from where they usually congregate.  And “sucks” was a little too vague.  Maybe “Everyone Is Going to Hell But Me” would have been a touch clearer.  It would have been funnier if he really was protesting that everyone sucks but him.  I could have imagined the series of petty annoyances that might have pushed them to placard waving.  Instead of a creative misanthrope, he’s just a well-meaning kid who needs to be a little clearer.

I thought I’d be enlightened by finding out what was up, but it was just a letdown.  It is, if I may say so, analogous to the trajectory of the flirting with GSS.  Sure, it was all fun and games at first, but then I wanted answers.  Unfortunately, they weren’t the answers I was looking for.  I usually want to know as much as possible – knowledge is power, as they say.  Maybe I should fight that impulse more often, because sometimes it’s just some humbug behind a curtain (with a balloon full of hot air).

That said, Phonology answers would be most helpful about now.