I have been buried under an avalanche of work (from which I am still tunnelling my way to freedom); as such a deadline is approaching, and it seems unlikely I’ll make it.

It is for my second-choice grad school.

It is not entirely my fault.  Two of my recommendations have not come in, leaving me…two recommendations short.  Even if I get them by Monday, the deadline is Tuesday – though everything is electronic these days, the whole “next business day” rule will keep me from meeting the deadline.  I’m more disappointed than I thought I would be, and I have decided to pull another school off my former list (it was high on my list, but I worried my GRE math score might keep me out of the running for a fellowship).  That deadline is at the end of the week, which only buys me a few more days.

These people writing me recommendation letters are doing me a favor, and with all the end-of-semester assignment I’ve been working on, my focus was pulled from sending “reminder” e-mails.  I probably should have been more proactive, but I felt my priority needed to be the task at hand (completing my semester requirements first).

Bleah.  It leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Imagine how bad I’ll feel if I start getting rejection letters.  Double bleh.