As you well know, being able to perceive goodness and/or badness (states of wakefulness, etc.), I have been a (mostly) good Senior Senior this year.  Oh sure, there have been lapses in judgement, but by and large, I am deserving of better than a lump of coal.  That said, there are a few items that would be most appreciated this holiday season.

My List

  • Acceptance to all the grad schools of my choice (I have done my part, what with the grades and the test scores and whatnot, but if you could whisper nice things in the ears of grad committee members, that would be super)
  • A new laptop that will see me through grad school (as Lappy Jr. still battles with Chronic Mouse Disorder)
  • A 4.0 (again, I’m doing my part – I could just use a little wheel grease)
  • GSS (I realize that I should be giving up on that, but he was just so damned hot Thursday.  Plus, have I mentioned that I’ve been a “good girl?”  And how long I have been a “good girl?”  I would like to be a “bad girl” from time to time, if that’s at all possible)
  • I know that my friends and co-conspirators have also been (mostly) good, so if you could see your way to being extra nice to them – I know that Bad Influence is in desperate need of a car, and KSP would like a new sofa (and maybe some chairs).  Puppy Mama hasn’t mentioned what she would like, but I’m sure its reasonable.


The Senior Senior