After my last final was finished yesterday, and after I took back the last batch of books back to the library (if anyone would now like to read up on French sociolinguistics, now’s your chance – all the books have been returned), I headed home.  Then I took a nap, ate some dinner and watched a little TV.

Today was…different.  I have not had so much free time since I got back from France.  Actually, I have not had so much free time since before I left for France.  And to tell you the truth, I don’t know what to do with myself.  Oh, I slept in, made some pies, and started to read a novel (merely for my own enjoyment – imagine that!).  But what do I do?  After months of running hither and yon, making lists and grids, feeling guilty if I spent a half an hour daydreaming, I feel at loose ends.  Sure, I have grad school applications to get together, but now that I have no other demands on my time, it will be (almost) a cake walk.

I also don’t know what I will do without the social stimulus of work and school.  Oh, I have some small social plans, but every day of the week, I had somewhere to be and people to see.  Now I’m just pestering the cat.

I pray that GSS will have another paper finished, ready for me to proofread (and not just because that would give me an opportunity to see him, though I won’t lie – that would be good), so I will have something to do.  I have a couple of articles to read, again for no other purpose than personal improvement.  I’ll have to dig out the handful of books I bought while in France that I never got around to reading.  Plus, I did have the idea of organizing my crap and packing some of it (I have plenty of books that I know I’m not going to look at before the end of spring semester) – all the better to ease my transition from here to wherever the fates will have me go.  And I did have the idea of seeing how much Spanish I could learn over break (hey, its a romance language, just different morphemes to memorize).  So I do have plans, which is for the best, as I have lost the ability to “chill out.”

I say that now, of course; I suspect I could be slug-like, given half a chance.