The holiday season is officially over, for which I am grateful.  However, that does mean that I now have even less to occupy my time.  I still have a vague idea about some cleaning, but after the 10-day vacation I have had so far (has it really been 10 days) has made me even less inclined to do anything productive.  I believe that even if I am not scheduled to work at my Hated Job next week (not a good sign when a morning filled with toilet scrubbing is considered a refreshing change of pace), I will start to set my alarm clock and follow some sort of schedule in anticipation for the start of work in 11 days (not that I’m counting or anything).

The almost endless expanse of free time has left me to my own devices, one of which is indulging in my cynical nature.  For example, I initiated a brief exchange with GSS, and was pleased that he replied to my e-mail.  That was Monday.  Today, I am more of the opinion that he is not interested in me, but is more than willing to keep stringing me along to cash in on a favor.  The favor was not asked for, but obliquely mentioned.  I, of course, am willing to do it, and it is no hardship for me.  In fact, I would be willing to do this favor for any of my friends.  So that isn’t the question.  There is no earthly reason for me to suspect nefarious motives.  There was nothing in the e-mail that indicated that I was expected to do anything; even if there had been, I would have been happy to help (as I would for anyone that I know).  So why am I suspicious?  A fertile imagination (I spent most of last night reading a book on film noir, perhaps the genesis of these suspicions)?  In general, I have good instincts about people – but which one is my instinct: Monday’s reaction or today’s?

Good gravy, I need to get out of the house.