Yesterday, I engaged in a little pre-emptive griping that my favor went unthanked for more than 24-hours.  However, I did gripe too soon, as later that evening I did get an electronic thank you.  So all’s right with the world.  Yet…

…as you can imagine, a three-word e-mail is somewhat unsatisfying.  I can’t imagine what I expected (if I expected anything), and I’m not resentful (really, I’m not).  I think the problem is what I have previously referred to as lack of traction.  We’re clicking and a date-like outing seems almost inevitable, and then it isn’t.  And then I feel like I’m being “Gaslight”-ed (or is that Gaslit?).  Is it all in my head?  Does he change his mind?  What the fuck?  After that, I get peeved with myself for spending so much energy on this, since there is so little to go on.

Another vexing issue:  due to budget constraints, I will be working considerably fewer hours (meaning considerably fewer dollars), and to add insult to injury, I will only have 1 hour of flirting a week with GSS (more hours with The Young Man, but as GSS is my favorite, it is a bit of a disappointment.  Plus, I could use the money.

At least I haven’t been poked in the eye with a sharp stick.