Today was the first day back to class, and not a moment to soon.  However, the day did not start optimally, as it took a whopping hour and a half to get to class from my apartment this morning.  I can walk to campus in an hour and a half from my apartment, provided the weather is cooperative (no rain or snow).  And yes, we had much snow yesterday.  However, that does not explain why, in only one direction (the one in which I was traveling), the street was blocked up like the arteries of someone who eats a pound of butter every day.  I skulked into my very first class of the semester a half an hour late.  Yeah.

On a peppier note, I have been reunited with the sub-discipline of syntax; and despite my sometimes rocky relationship with it, I enjoyed it.  I may even have a topic for the end of semester paper.  Of course, it can all be shot to hell before then.  Tomorrow, morphology and phonology.  And photography.