Anniversary! Tuesday, Feb 19 2008 

“Haiku Monday” was posted a full 365 days after my very first post as The Senior Senior.  This bad boy blog is a year old today.  Its good girl writer is much older.


Haiku Monday Tuesday, Feb 19 2008 

I had a Bus Epiphany today (after a long dry spell) – wouldn’t several haiku on the little daily episodes be neat?  We’ll see…

Guy on Segway
Goggles, slow rolling
You could have been there by now
Dude, why the Segway?

Survival of the Fittest
Cap, hoodie, no gloves
Dude, you are so cool

Berber syllables
A voweless word
Syllabic “r, ” sure, why not
not so much for “q”

Troublemaker (to GSS)
If you are having
trouble writing your paper,
I can crack the whip

Thank you for attending Haiku Monday.  If you don’t think it sucked, there may be more.  Sonnet Saturday seems like too much work, though.

Be my valentine, or I’ll have Chuck Norris kick your ass! Friday, Feb 15 2008 

I have been a busy Senior Senior this days.  There has been work (which has been crazy lately), and the hilarious (but in no way germane) Chuck Norris obsession which has taken hold of many of us in the Linguistics Department.  (It’s The Translator’s fault – he started it).  Oh, and classes, too.

And my Ambiguous Friend GSS has flustered me.  Yesterday, I check my e-mail and he has e-mailed me not once, but twice (and by that, I mean he initiated contact, instead of replying to me).  I would be sky-high, were it not for the fact that the e-mails were on a specific topic that he thought I might be able to help him with (as opposed to my e-mails to him, which are often random bits of sarcasm/whimsy).  Still, I consider him to be a friend, not just an Ambiguous Friend.  And if any friend e-mailed me with a, “hey, do you know what’s up with this?” question, I would do my best to answer.  (As Puppy Mama knows well).  So I futzed around with his question, and thought I might have come up with an answer, which I e-mailed to him last night.  Today, I was at work, talking to one of my regular students, when GSS interrupted and joking said, “You can’t talk to [Senior Senior], I get to talk to [Senior Senior] first.”  This particular regular student usually just does his homework, and asks me questions as they arise, so he deferred to GSS.  So GSS and I go over what the problem is, sitting close.  This was very distracting to me, as he smelled particularly good, and I thought idly about how I would like to kiss his neck.  Then he gets his laptop out (pardon me while I muse on the double entendre aspect of that statement…but no, I mean his computer), and when I needed to type something or whatever, I kept making errors (which I blamed on the unfamiliar keyboard, but which I suspect was due to extreme-GSS-proximity syndrome).

Long story short(er); we managed to figure the bulk of the problem out. 

GSS and I had had a briefly multilingual e-mail exchange the week before – he had, because of the smart-ass that he is, written a response in a language that he knows, but I am not even slightly familiar with.  I asked him a couple of times for a translation, which he (smart-ass that he is) refused.  Using a couple of on-line dictionaries, I plugged and chugged the words (which was difficult, as said language has a lot of morphology), and came up with something I could work with.  Earlier this week, I put forth my translation, but never got a response.  So I asked him.  When he had read the e-mail, he hadn’t put two and two together, so he reread my translation and found the e-mail with the original “furrin” language.  I did pretty well (although I whiffed the last part), and he said he was quite impressed.  What I’m parsing:  he skimmed the e-mail with the translation and originally did nothing with it (not good), but he has kept my numerous other e-mails (good), and when he was searching, he had a pretty good recollection what the topic was of each one – at least, as good of a recollection as I did (also good).  Meaning?  Who knows.

Epiphanic Monday, Feb 11 2008 

As I was telling Puppy Mama earlier, the craptastic weather we have been having wreaks havoc on the Bus Epiphanies, as you spend all your energy feeling miserable, wondering when the bus will come, trying to stay alive….  Fortunately, I have been having epiphanies in other locales, mostly at Hated Job.  The boring, repetitive nature of cleaning identical hotel rooms for hours on end lends itself well to rumination.  And this weekend has given me a bumper crop of new moments of clarity.  A short list of the best ones:

Toilet-Scrubbing Epiphany #1 – I have misgivings about online dating, mostly because I think the process is ass-backwards.  It seems to me that what you do when you post a profile online is to advertise an job opening, if you will, for a spouse.  Then you take your candidates and try to make them fit the position.  While I am probably not the best resource for romantic advice, I think it probably should be like this:  you meet people during the activities of your daily life, you get to know them and then you make the decision if a particular relationship has what it takes.  Again, not the best source for advice, but I’m pretty sure marriage shouldn’t be “the goal;” it implies that marriage is a static and terminal state.

Toilet Scrubbing Epiphany #2 – A cool idea for a party to encourage the meeting of new people, since as adults, our social circle gets smaller and smaller:  have your guests bring one person from outside the social circle.  A cool idea for those who successfully throw parties, at any rate.

Toilet Scrubbing Epiphany #3 – The trick in life is to find something that you do really well, as opposed to “pretty well.”

Toilet Scrubbing Epiphany #4 – The thing that frustrates me about Phonology is that it focuses too much on the synchronic, and not enough on the diachronic.  The thing that frustrates me about Syntax is that it focuses too much on the diachronic, and not enough on the synchronic.  Or at least, that’s how I see it.

Snow Day Thursday, Feb 7 2008 

They had warned us, but I held out hope.  Alas, the snow was too much, and the school where I work was closed for the day.  I was tired and all, so I was appreciative of the extra sleep, but a) I can always use the money, b) I like my job, c) I get some quality flirting done at work (most notably with the big blond) and d) this meant that the darkroom would not be open tonight, and I totally dig making prints.

I fully intended to go to class today, as my university doesn’t care to cancel classes.  Ever.  There was a point, however, where I could not see the other side of the street.  So I said “screw it” and stayed home.

So I’ve napped and done a couple loads of laundry.  Now it’s time to do some homework.  Snow days are much less exciting than I remember. 

And now for something completely similar… Tuesday, Feb 5 2008 

I have been a bad blogger, what with no posting whatsoever.  It hasn’t been due to my busyness, which hasn’t been so very bad (yet); it also hasn’t been due to a lack of bloggable events, since I have had a fair amount of those (which I may try to retroactively post about in the next few days).  I just…haven’t felt like it.  And I figure since I do this as a semi-creative outlet, I should be able to do it only when I feel like it.  And so I feel like it now.

First, a grad school update (which my nearest and dearest already know about, as I was Senior Senior on the Spot about it) – I have been put on the waiting list to my second choice school, which I classify as Uninformative Information – I don’t actually know anything, but I have been warned that I might know something sometime (maybe).  Or something like that.  But until things become slightly clearer, I wait some more.

I have also been flirting like mad today, which has amused me to no end, and just when I was feeling a little pouty.  Like being on the waiting list, it doesn’t actually mean anything, but it also doesn’t doesn’t mean anything, if you know what I mean (and if you do, you’re a champion parser).

And one last thing; one of my professors asked me some advice on where to stay in Paris while he’s there for a conference, and I gave him some suggestions.  It was only later, when I was on my way to work, when I thought to myself, “Hey!  I want to go to Paris!  I’m jealous.”  I’m surprised it took me so long – just last night, I was looking over one of my guide books, pretending that I could actually afford to go back to France this year.  Ideally, if I could figure out a way that I could work in France over the summer, that would be super.  A woman can dream, can’t she?