I have been a bad blogger, what with no posting whatsoever.  It hasn’t been due to my busyness, which hasn’t been so very bad (yet); it also hasn’t been due to a lack of bloggable events, since I have had a fair amount of those (which I may try to retroactively post about in the next few days).  I just…haven’t felt like it.  And I figure since I do this as a semi-creative outlet, I should be able to do it only when I feel like it.  And so I feel like it now.

First, a grad school update (which my nearest and dearest already know about, as I was Senior Senior on the Spot about it) – I have been put on the waiting list to my second choice school, which I classify as Uninformative Information – I don’t actually know anything, but I have been warned that I might know something sometime (maybe).  Or something like that.  But until things become slightly clearer, I wait some more.

I have also been flirting like mad today, which has amused me to no end, and just when I was feeling a little pouty.  Like being on the waiting list, it doesn’t actually mean anything, but it also doesn’t doesn’t mean anything, if you know what I mean (and if you do, you’re a champion parser).

And one last thing; one of my professors asked me some advice on where to stay in Paris while he’s there for a conference, and I gave him some suggestions.  It was only later, when I was on my way to work, when I thought to myself, “Hey!  I want to go to Paris!  I’m jealous.”  I’m surprised it took me so long – just last night, I was looking over one of my guide books, pretending that I could actually afford to go back to France this year.  Ideally, if I could figure out a way that I could work in France over the summer, that would be super.  A woman can dream, can’t she?