While clearly I haven’t been writing here, I have been holed up at the library, putting together all my wisdom in Syntax, Phonology and Bantu Morphology (assuming I had any wisdom) for grading purposes.  Finally on Friday evening, I was finished.  And really, I mean finished, as this is the end of my (second) undergraduate career.

True, I start grad school in the fall (staying here, by the by), and I don’t feel particularly done.  But I am.  And so the summer begins.  I have this week off, and I have a lot of errand-y things to do (since I let many things slide these past 3 weeks).  One of my goals over this summer is to carve order out of the chaos I let build up over the semester.  Hopefully, my adored job (which I am retaining for summer session) will promote me to instructor status (with my newfound degree), which would not only mean a serious bump in pay, but would allow me to quit hated job guilt-free.  So I wait.

But I’m more than experienced at that by now.