I think I’m going to make this my Grad School Application Log.  I have blogged about my tentative list twice now, but this is my game plan.   For now, at any rate – but I’ll make this my repository for all things grad school.

The List (As of 1/4/08)

  1. Ivy League School – I wasn’t going to apply to you.  Not because I didn’t love you (because I did), but because I was afraid that the hated GRE math score wasn’t up to snuff.  Sure, I’d feel better if it was a bit higher, but that’s no excuse for trying.  Yes, the odds are not in my favor (qualified applicants turned away in droves), but you gotta play big to win big – and being accepted to you would be winning big.
  2. Big Ten University – You have some bitchin’ benefits in your department.  You also are a fun place – I dig your city, or rather, a city served by your transit system.  If I had wanted to, I would have been happy with your French Department, but I have to choose, so I choose Linguistics, but with a French twist (get it?  I made a pun.  So sorry.).
    3 of 4 Syntactic Tree Diagrams
  3. West Coast Public University – You are a saucy minx, don’t you know.   You have what I want, but do you have what I need?  Time will tell.  You and your enchanting PhD in French Linguistics makes me giddy, and the smell of fresh coffee fills the air.  Who cares if I may never see the sun?  I’m from the Midwest, and it isn’t like we are known for our cheery weather, either.
    Score 3.5 out of 4 uvular trills
  4. Public University in Texas – You do know its not you, right?  Nor is it me, really.  Your neighbors – you are wonderful, lively, fun-loving, open-minded…your neighbors…Let’s just say we’ll agree to disagree.  It must be tough, being so isolated.  And that’s what I worry about.  I like your French Department.  I like that there is an emphasis on linguistics.  As the real estate agents say, location, location, location.
    Score 3 of 4 Jacques Chiracs, minus .5 for 3 accompanying George Bushes = 2.5 of 4